A group exhibition of photo students from Budapest

Hungarian Institute gallery

The photography chair of The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design presents works by its graduates and postgraduates. The selection stands for trends in photography, media and arts, which are considered to be relevant and up to date – trends that help students to fill their ambitions.

MOME postgraduate’s primary aspiration is to represent the visual language of its time according to contemporary expectations, using non-traditional photographic genres as well. They also aim to strengthen the learning process of photo theory and cultural history, visual and up-to-date media, in the same time preserving a skill to look at the media’s field of usage with a critical eye. In addition to high-level professional training, MOME’s aim is to create a learning model and studio that would help students to carry out interdisciplinary skills and creative ambitions.

The programme provides the knowledge base needed for long-term career, as well as for professional work in higher education institutions. Photography graduates are capable of handling various photo genres and media levels as author problems, also think about information and communication structures. As participants in market, science or art projects, they form bridge between different competencies and know how to manage creative teams.

The selection of MOME students’ works visible in Tallinn represents the way of thinking that continually strives for updating the Hungarian visual culture and maintains the discussion with society. Dilemmas between the individual and society, visual complexity, diversity of individual’s searches and today’s photographic issues all become visible. The processes represent the beliefs of the school in photography, media and art, both theoretical and practical issues. The selected material offers a comprehensive and clear overview of the work carried out at the Chair and the thought process, involving all students.

6 October 2011, at 17:00


7 October 2011 – 4 November 2011


Hungarian Institute gallery


Piiskopi 2, Tallinn




Gergely Szatmári ja Gábor Kopek


Benedek Bognár, Viola Fátyol, Andrea Gáldi Vinkó, Ildi Hermann, Donát Kékesi, Dávid Kovács, Éva Oravecz, Marinka Zsuzsanna Alexandrovna, Máté Lukács, Éva Szombat