Look, Focus and Press the Shutter, a group exhibition

Aatrium Gallery

Wim Lamboo (1949) and Inge Baauw (1970) have been co-operating since 1989 and have shown their works together at home and abroad. Together or individually, they have worked in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Middle and Eastern Europe and the Netherlands. There is no doubt that these two photographers appreciate each other and the photographs, exhibited together, let that show.

Within their joint subjects, the two photographers also differ. In all places Baauw has pointed the lens of her camera to the so-called weakest people. With admiration and love for these people, Baauw reports about their strength, their instinct to survive and doing so focus them in a different way.

Lamboo has been photographing since 1980s in his very own style – artists, refugees, women and street life. But always with their individuality and human dignity. Wim Lamboo has a strong connection with Estonia: within ten years (1998–2008) he took photos of Estonian artists and another three years (2007–2010) he made a documentary series of Estonian women in the streets of Tallinn.

The pictures of Nina Potrykus (1984) are autonomous realistic works. She has made them in the context of a final project for the art academy. They reflect some of the life and experiences as a young artist and are created with the same technical resources and in the same way as do Lamboo and Baauw.

To an international forum, all these works give on an impression of what is possible in art education nowadays in the Netherlands.

7 October 2011, at 18:00


8 October 2011 – 22 October 2011


Aatrium Gallery


Harju 6, Tallinn




Wim Lamboo


Inge Baauw, Wim Lamboo, Nina Potrykus