Images to Wear: A Photograph + A Jewellery, a group exhibition

Hop gallery

The presence of photography is often contingent in the works, referring to the images in our memory and imagination.
Most of those works have been completed especially for this exhibition.


Jewellery is like a drop, brittle of rare and valuable, a relic.
Jewellery is a rupture. Like a fountain in the landscape that interrupts the continuity of the ground.
A breather. Like a hole left in the metal layer of the icon – a hole that leads between and behind the layers of the world.

Photo, i.e. a light image, is like a projection or a reflection on the silver surface. In some sense, the mirror is the limit. On its surface, a space for common, real, everyday life and relationships ends and the reflection (as in consciousness) of it begins – an image, a replica.

The form of a jewellery with a photography and the ratio of an image is distinct. Jewellery can be a frame or a box around the image (or a tool to present it) but it could keep the image inside or afloat as well. Jewellery can keep the image as we carry our own thoughts and memories – sometimes deliberately, as a carefully selected expression, and sometimes by accident, as a serendipitous dowry, letting them quietly slip off or get worn.

Jewellery is a load.
A memory, likewise a conception, can be both a burden and an engine. And a key.
What do we carry in ourselves? Something expensive?

23 September 2011, at 17:00


23 September 2011 – 11 October 2011


Hop gallery


Hobusepea 2, Tallinn

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Margot Kask


Eilve Manglus, Kadri Mälk, Kaire Rannik, Piia Ruber, Birgit Skolimowski, Ketli Tiitsar, Anneli Tammik, Kertu Tuberg, Maria Valdma