Experimental Gallery of Photo Month

Vabaduse underpass

The Experimental gallery of Photo Month showcases installations that use photography in experimental way.

Photo installation Surveillance
Anu Lilp and Alis Mäesalu

City residents are nowadays under constant surveillance. They are monitored semi-secretly or publicly, municipally or privately. The eyes of authorities reach almost everywhere. For the sake of security. For the purpose of a control. Always strategically well placed. Only the initiated few know if the surveillance cameras placed in urban space actually record something and if a pair of human eyes constantly watches the monitors. In any case, one has created an illusion of incessant presence.

The installation created in Freedom Square underpass was inspired by the optical tricks of onetime warlocks-vagabonds and the works of contemporary street artists. As for surveillance cameras, this work also has a certain important perspective – the placement between the watching eye and city resident.

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Installation Polyphonic Document Photo v.2.1.
Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo

Interactive work Polyphonic Document Photo v.2.1. by Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo is an object that reminds a photo booth, which a participant can enter and where the behaviour is prevailed to the same rules as it is mostly custom for photo booths. Here the participant starts a process that does not result with a usual photo strip but one starts to hear sounds, which have been generated from histogram based on the photo. The sounds have a certain similarity with the experimental music (such as the music created by John Zorn).

All images and sounds are stored on the Internet so that they can be seen and heard later again. The results have thus created an extensive database.

The idea of the work emerged from the connotation between the histogram and the graphical representation of the sound. It is the kind of translation machine that transforms the images into a language of sounds.

The work belongs to the collection of Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia. For the first time, the object was shown at the media artists exhibition The Transparent Generation (“Läbipaistev põlvkond”) in Vaal Gallery (2007). Also, the work has been exhibited in the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (2008) and at The Works Arts and Design Festival in Edmonton, Canada.

Anu Lilp (1972) lives and works in Tallinn. She has studied at the University of Tartu and graduated from the first flight of the Photography Department at the Tartu Art College in 2001.
Routinely, she works in graphic design and product design.
Her most active exhibition period was in 1999–2003 when she participated in several group exhibitions and projects of Kunstisuvi (Art Summer). The most important of her projects were the travelling exhibition Nordic Islands, The Days of Open Windows in Kuressaare and Pain (“Valu”), an international exhibition of sculpture, held in Pärnu Concert Hall.
She is an initiator and coordinator of the film program Öökino (Night Cinema), which brings films from cinema Sõprus to Kuressaare, as well as a team member of the Tallinn Month of Photography.

Alis Mäesalu (1979) lives and works in Tallinn. She studied Photography at the Tartu Art College and Cinema Art at the Université de Toulouse – Le Mirail (MA, specialised as an operator, 2007).
Alis Mäesalu has participated in curatorial exhibitions in Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary and France. She has carried out a variety of youth arts education and exhibition projects, both abroad (photo and video workshops in Roubaix, France, and Kampala, the capital city of Uganda) and in Estonia, including managing the Aatrium Gallery in (2008–2009).
Alis Mäesalu is a lecturer at the Tartu Art College and the Estonian Academy of Arts and acts as a freelancer in film and television field.

Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo (1976) is a photography artist, who lives and works in Tallinn. He has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts (MA in Photography, 2011).
Reimo uses a lot of interactive games in his works, the viewer has got an important role to play in order to complete the meaning of the work of arts. In his works an iconic image, language, politics and innovative technological solutions interweave. Most recent works are Polyphonic Document Photo, Fiesta la Peste and We Wanted the Best.
Since 2004 Reimo has collaborated with artist group Infotankers, focused on social and eco issues.


6 October 2011 – 30 October 2011


Vabaduse underpass