Photography in Dialogue, the public recordings of the Radio Night University

The Rotermann Quarter

The public recordings of the Radio Night University, taking place at the Tallinn Month of Photography, will be composed from a series of speed-lectures, in which relations between photography and other means of expressions will be analyzed.

Can one say that a text is photographic, or vice versa, that an image is narrative? What is photographicity in context of literacy? Do the connections between those means of expression work by transmitting the information to one form of expression to another, or does one use both of them together? How do the artists entwine narratives to their images and how do the writers use images between texts?
Writers Tõnu Õnnepalu and Toomas Raudam and artists Peeter Laurits and Krista Mölder discuss the relations between photography and fiction.

What is the power of photography in context of other medias? Why is the photographic image so easily influenced by our subconsciousness? Is the photography realistic by nature? How do photography and painting, which have influenced each other for centuries (darkened room, or camera obscura has been known in Europe already for 1700 years), nowadays relate? What about photography and film art? Photography and sound? What are the advantages and drawbacks of still and moving realistic image in presenting the facts and fiction?
The painting artist Tõnis Saadoja, photo artists Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo and Liina Siib and composer Ülo Krigul will discuss the relations between photography, painting and film.

The lectures are held in Estonian, without translation.

The recordings of the lectures are later available on website

Margot Kask (1974) lives and works in Tallinn. She has studied Graphic Art and Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts (MA 2009).
As her means of expression, she mostly uses photo and drawing and focuses on the experience of space and the issues of human relations.
Having performed at exhibitions since 1995, she has done several personal exhibitions and curatorial projects in Estonia („Mina“ / I, Hobusepea, Tallinn, 2007; „Harilik“ / Usual, Tallinn Art Hall Gallery and Y Gallery, Tartu, 2011) and participated in many joint exhibitions in Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, Hungary and USA.
She teaches at the University of Tallinn, the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Old Town Educational College.

28 October 2011, at 20:00


28 October 2011 – 29 October 2011


The Rotermann Quarter


Rotermanni 8, Tallinn




Margot Kask