Whispering Spaces, apartment exhibitions

Different apartments in Tallinn

Asula 12Tõnu Tunnel
Pebre 8Krõõt Tarkmeel
Vana-Posti 2 / Harju 3Tiit Sokk
Paavli 3 – 22; 21.10. at 5 pm cup of tea with Reio Aare and Jane Ilm
Kalevi 18 – 12; 21.10. at 7 pm cup of tea with Laura Toots




Whispering Spaces is a site-specific project consisting of five exhibitions in apartments in various districts of Tallinn. The project draws attention to Estonian photographic art and artists and emphasizes the importance of the unconscious relationship between the individual and space.

Apartments introduce six artists, all of whom operate in the field of lens-based art. Artists work in empty spaces that are initially unknown to them; these spaces will start a variety of stories, memories and connections to create a dialogue between the artist and place. They would receive empty apartments in the center of Tallinn or nearby for a week. The creative process will culminate with exhibitions that are open for visitors for five days. In the evenings there are cozy tea parties to discuss artists’ work and open up the backgrounds of these exhibitions.

Exhibitions offer visitors a close contact with creative world, personalities and space, bring people behind doors that usually are closed. This broadens and refreshes the experience of viewing art and hopefully encourages to use those empty spaces in a creative and innovative way.

Thanks: Argo Peever, Flo Kasearu, Uus Maa Kinnisvarabüroo, Paavli Kinnisvara, Overall Eesti AS


Reio Aare (1979) lives and works in Tallinn. He has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA in Photography, 2002). His main medium is photography. His works are often staged, bringing us a frame or scene of some still activity, the beginning or the end of which can be interpreted variously. The works of Reio Aare are generally characterized as simple and schematic. His state of mind is restrained, clear and steady.
Since 1998, he has performed in many group exhibitions in Tallinn, Tartu, Berlin and New York. Reio Aare’s first solo exhibition Untitled was in 2006 in ArtDepoo, Tallinn.

Krõõt Tarkmeel (1985) lives and works in Tallinn. She studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA in Photography, 2009; MA to be completed soon) and the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Fine Arts.

As her main mediums, Tarkmeel uses photography, video and installation.
Taking an interest in herself, she has willingly placed her views on everyday life to her art works – to get some answers, stand up to her chips on her shoulders and refine her personal picture of the world.
In 2011, her first personal exhibition Love is silly… But I guess I’m still going to try some day. (Floyd, 9 Y/O), in collaboration with Andri Allas, took place in Hobusepea Gallery.
Krõõt Tarkmeel has participated in several group exhibitions: Something is Wrong (“Midagi on valesti”, EKKM / CAME, 2007), Up Close & Personal (Hobusepea Gallery, 2008), Alternative Nation: Young Art from England (RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne, 2009), Pop Will Eat Itself (Kanuti Gildi SAAL, 2009).

The grouping titled Tiit Sokk was formed in 1999. By a happy coincidence, the combination of names of Ulvi Tiit and Marili Sokk formed the name of a well-known Estonian basketball player – a possibility that parties involved could not been missed!
One of the main directions of their work is more or less (or fictive) to interactivity, which places the viewer in environments and situations where he has to orientate and find a relation to the works. However, this art production is quite heterogeneous in terms of content and format, using the mediums of photo from total installation and methods from anthropological research to fiction. Tiit Sokk has done exhibitions in Tallinn and participated in curatorial projects in Estonia, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania. Among others, Tiit Sokk participated in the ArtGenda, the European biennale of young artists, in 2002 in Hamburg.

Laura Toots (1986) lives and works in Tallinn. She received her MA in Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2011. During 2009–2010, she did her exchange studies at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, in Norway and at the Aalto University School of Art and Design, Finland.
She is interested in the connections between sculpture and photography and emphasising the characteristics of one medium with the use of the other. Lens-based art allows her to work with modified memories that derive from the technical capability and faultiness of cameras. In the context of her artistic practice, she thinks of memories as under-, over- or double exposed.
Laura is a member of FOKU – the Estonian Union of Photography Artists.

Tõnu Tunnel (1987) lives and works in Tallinn. He studied Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA, 2011).
He is a visual artist who mostly works with the medium of photography. He is interested in both the descriptive and conceptual aspects of the medium. He also puzzles how to understand and use/exploit/discover time in the snapshot medium, which photography mostly is. He has recently developed an interest in moving images and interactive installations. He is inspired by visual pop culture, architecture and urbanism.
Tõnu Tunnel has participated in group exhibitions in Tallinn and Pärnu. He had his first solo exhibition in 2011 (HAPPINESS 0-100, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn) with Alver Linnamägi.

Hello Upan (1977) graduated from the Estonian Institute of Humanities in Anglistics (2008) and studied Dutch at the Ghent University, ROC Overgelder Ijsselland.
Hello is primarily engaged in sound improvisation and sound performance. She is drawn by experimental, spontaneous process, which happens in different collectives and environments.
Hello has participated in several musical collectives, she has been involved in dance performances and she is a member of groupings Puhas Rõõm (Pure Joy) and MKDK. In recent years, she has stepped up with her own solo performances and she also performs with Lokaalraadio.
In 2010, she and Helen Melesk carried out the project To the Roofs (in series of 52 Surprises and Ideas, in the expectation year of the European Capital of Culture – Tallinn 2011).

Helen Melesk (1980) lives and works in Tallinn. She graduated from the Environmental Science at the Türi College, University of Tartu (2001), the Estonian Academy of Arts (MA in Photography, 2010) and studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts, the Netherlands.

Helen is mainly engaged in photography and installative artworks. The relationship between space, people and objects form a central heart of her works. Now she observes man-made systems and models of behaviour that come forth in work environment.
Helen has participated in various group exhibitions and has had several solo exhibitions. In 2010, she and Hello Upan carried out the project To the Roofs (in series of 52 Surprises and Ideas, in the expectation year of the European Capital of Culture – Tallinn 2011).
Since 2010, she is a member of FOKU – the Estonian Union of Photography Artists.

17 October 2011, at 15:30


18 October 2011 – 22 October 2011
From 16:00 to 20:00


Different apartments in Tallinn




Helen Melesk, Hello Upan


Reio Aare, Krõõt Tarkmeel, Laura Toots, Tõnu Tunnel, rühmitus Tiit Sokk (Ulvi Tiit & Marili Sokk)