Freedom Square, Jaan Klõšeiko’s solo exhibition

Vabaduse Gallery

Exhibition of Estonian artist Jaan Klõšeiko shows his unpublished documentary photography, which has been shot in Vabaduse Square (Freedom Square in English) throughout the years – from Soviet times until today.

Jaan Klõšeiko, a well-known graphic designer in Estonian cultural circles, has documented local cultural/arts events and social life since the 1960s. The fact that Klõšeiko was and still is a friend of many artists – and a spontaneous communicator too – has guaranteed him access to artists’ studios and homes. Trust between photographer and subject reflects in his portraits as well as in the reports, which are direct and dynamic, being significantly different from the official Soviet-era photography.

The exhibition Freedom Square includes both portrait photographs and coverage of the events captured by Klõšeiko immediately around the square in 1965–2007. The title Freedom Square is symbolic. In addition to the site name, it marks the free spirit and dreams of the people who are on Klõšeiko’s photographs, as during the Soviet era when the place still bore the name of Victory Square, the cultural creatives were the ones who provided at least an illusory sense of freedom every once in a while.

Jaan Klõšeiko (1939) lives and works in Tallinn. He was educated as a graphic designer at the ESSR National Institute of Art.
Klõšeiko has been an art editor at the publishing houses Eesti Raamat and Valgus, as well as at the newspaper Televisioon. Additionally, he has been a long-time head artist at the publishing house Kunst. Since 1965, Jaan Klõšeiko has photographed various cultural events, which have significant meaning over time.
Of his personal exhibitions, one could bring out Tallinn – Moscow / Moscow – Tallinn 1956–1985 in Tallinn Art Hall (1996), which was acknowledged with Kristjan Raud Prize. Also exhibitions Homesick („Koduigatsus“, Nokia Cable Factory, Helsinki, 2005); Catapults of Culture („Kultuurikatapuldid“, Haapsalu, 2008) and Autocrat. Disease Treatment („Isevalitseja. Haiguste ravi“, Plate tower, Tallinn, 2010, organised by Vaal Gallery) have been important.
From December 2009 to December 2010, Vaal Gallery published an author column More Than Could Be Seen („Rohkem kui on näha“) by Jaan Klõšeiko with his photographs and texts on the gallery’s website.

Marge Monko (1976) is an artist who lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia. She has studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts (MA in Photography, 2008) and at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.
Monko‘s main mediums are photography and video. She has examined psychoanalysis and its impact on representation of women in visual culture. Her recent subject is gendered work in the context of paradigmatic changes of labour policies.
Monko has had solo exhibitions in Tallinn, Helsinki and Budapest and she has participated in several group exhibitions, a.o in Biennale of Young Artists in Tallinn (autumn 2007), curated by Rael Artel and Anneli Porri.
She is a lecturer at the Photography Department of Estonian Academy of Arts and a member of the Elfriede Jelinek School of English Language, a feminist reading group.

5 October 2011, at 17:00


6 October 2011 – 25 October 2011


Vabaduse Gallery


Vabaduse väljak 6, Tallinn



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