I Am So, Epp Kubu’s and Maria Aua’s exhibition

Draakoni gallery

Our exhibition is about relationships that can grow out of dreams and disappointments, which can hit us when these dreams fall to pieces.

Epp Kubu‘s photo series Let’s Go Boating and Drown! fills some secret dreams by eight older gentlemen – to row with a young lady in the middle of the sea. A man rowing, hot wind blowing wind in her blond hair. Life is just like a fairy tale…

Maria Aua‘s video is an effusive verse. Endless Valentine’s Day, a rhyme about blue flower and sugar bit, adhesive glass and dust bunny, dirty dishes, smelly feet, dog hair on the carpet and some other stuff in the universe. It is a passionate dance.

4 October 2011, at 18:00


4 October 2011 – 15 October 2011


Draakoni gallery


Pikk 18, Tallinn



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Epp Kubu


Maria Aua ja Epp Kubu